FlashCrypt 1.0 beta

Protect your most important files with passwords


  • Very powerful encryption methods
  • Simple to use
  • Works with external devices


  • No way of knowing for sure if it's 100% secure as developers claim


The credentials of Flash Crypt are certainly pretty impressive with the developers promising it allows you to "lock any folder on your computer with a couple of mouse clicks with military-grade 256-bit AES algorithm guaranteeing the highest level of data protection."

While there must be a touch of sales talk in there, it's certainly a very secure program. There seems to be very few recorded cases of the program being cracked and it feels like a very solid and secure package from the start. If you're not convinced, then checkout the opinion of the US government who say that the encryption method used by Flash Crypt "is sufficient to protect classified information up to TOP SECRET level."

Whatever the strength of the encryption, it's certainly very easy to use which is one of the most important things. It's also ideal for those on the move because you can copy encrypted folders to another disk, flash drive, CD-ROM or by email - without having the program installed on any of the these external mediums - and the data will remain protected. And if you're worried about password loss, FlashCrypt has a special option that lets you save the encrypted password along with the protected data. The developers assure that the asymmetric cryptography used means that not even they are able to crack it, once it's applied.

An extremely powerful product that, if lives up to the hype, is suitable for most sensitive kind of data.

FlashCrypt™ is an effective and reliable folder security software for Microsoft Windows users. It allows you to lock any folder on your computer with a couple of mouse clicks. Military-grade 256-bit AES algorithm guarantees the highest level of data protection.

Want to securely protect your files? You don't need to be a computer or security expert anymore! FlashCrypt provides extremely easy-to-use, but safe and secure folder protection solution.



FlashCrypt 1.0 beta

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